Why Western Australia is a Nice Place to Visit

Is western Australia nice to visit?


There are several fantastic things you can do when on your visit to Western Australia. Visiting Western Australia should be a priority among the travelers heading to Australia. Touring this great part of Australia will help you to come across the most amazing landscapes, beaches, food, and wine this great nation has to offer not forgetting the sunsets that will arouse your mind.


The following are some of the things you can do while on your trip to Western Australia:


Take in a sunset at Cable Beach


If you have never experienced the sunset over the ocean before, Western Australia is an ideal place that can help you to witness that. One of the places you can experience this is at Cable Beach.

You can have fun by having a cold drink at one of the many available bars and restaurants.




Perth is a cool place in Western Australia where you will come across liveliest bars as well as restaurants with numerous smattering parks, museums, and galleries thrown as well. Perth, beside the seaside, is just a few miles from the seaside gateway which is nearby Fremantle. You can chill out on a chair while enjoying your ice cream or having coffee. You can spend several days while on your vacation to this peaceful and stunning city.


Margaret River


Margaret River is all about wine. This area is composed of caves and waterfalls. The gentle pace and amazing landscapes have inspired a great number of artists, so you should think about exploring their galleries and have the opportunity to find the region’s good wines and exceptional craft beers. You can also engage yourself in other activities such as bushwalking, climbing, biking and many more.


Snorkel at Turquoise Bay


One of the reasons why you should tour the Exmouth town on the Coral Coast in Western Australia is as a result of its Turquoise Bay. While in this Bay you will have the opportunity to swim several meters across the well-known Ningaloo Reef not forgetting the popular drift snorkel as it is one of the coolest snorkels you will experience.


Swimming out several meters in this bay is very exciting because the powerful currents can move you a few meters across the beach. Keep on repeating this process to have more fun until you are fully satisfied.


Sunset camel ride along Cable Beach


At the cable beach, there are several vantage points to take in sunsets. One of the most famous ways to take in the sunset is by boarding a trusty camel.


Boarding a camel with your kids will help you to have fun together. Taking camel ride for at least one hour can give you an amazing experience while enjoying the sunset in this part of great Australia.


Stand on Shell Beach


This beach is not necessarily meant for swimming nor laying around. Shell Beach is composed of countless tiny shells and it is good to explore if you’re taking part in the World Heritage Drive particularly in the Shark Bay region.


The following are some of the interesting reasons why you should visit and choose Western Australia tours with Onestop Adventures at least once in your lifetime.