What is a Keratin Writer?

Keratin writer – because saying you’re a copywriter is so last decade. The term keratin may be widely famous because almost everyone has seen hair treatment. But if you’re sitting wondering What is a keratin writer, wonder no more. So scripted.com has this brilliant platform that connects writers with businesses looking for broad marketing and web content. And they call these their freelancers keratin writers and keratin treatment in Melbourne. You have to admit it does add some pizzazz to their job title.


Does the pay match the name branding? Sort of. As with all writing platforms, no one starts earning the big bucks at once. But unlike other sites, scripted pays it, keratin writers, an average of 10 cents per word! No kidding, very rarely will you find websites willing to pay writers this much. How were they successful in setting such high rates? Easy, the keratin writers themselves negotiate their working prices. Not only does this strategy motivate writers to produce their best work yet, but it ensures clients aren’t disappointed with the pool of writers.


What type of content can you get from keratin writers? Just about everything. From press releases, wiggle through tough to write product descriptions, video scripts all the way to custom projects. Some keratin writers specialize in specific niches, so if you’re looking for content for a specific industry, you should try finding an expert in that niche and see about building a relationship. The platform only accepts writers from a select few countries, about 20 countries, so there’s control over the language proficiency of each writer.


The next time you think keratin, think keratin writers, not the hair treatment – unless you need a writer to promote the product that is. Head over to scripted.com to see some of the best keratin writer profiles. You can peruse your options for the first 30 days for free.