Is Perth an expensive place to visit

Perth in recent years has a reputation of being one of Australia’s most expensive city to visit. That was reinforced by a survey in 2013 that listed the city as the 10th most expensive city in the world to live in. So is that perception correct.?

There is no doubt that Australia can be expensive, especially in comparison with many other resorts and countries in Australasia. There are factors that drive that, the remoteness of many cities such as Perth adds to the travel costs, high wages and recent currency changes are also adding to the cost, especially when eating out. A lack of hotel rooms and accommodation in Perth also can drive up costs, especially if an event or festival is on.
However like any other cities there are bargains to be had if you know where to look and if you plan ahead. There are no shortage of free attractions, the main ones being the beaches, the wonderful Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, cycling or walking along the Swan River or grab some culture at the Perth Cultural Center. There are also plenty of other great walks in the Perth area such as Lesmurdie Falls east of Perth or Bells Rapids.
Like any city, you will save money if you try and live like a local and avoid the tourist traps. Street food is a growing trend in the city and Perth’s location means there can be a strong and varied Asian influence on offer. Perth also has some great food market and I’d especially recommend the Twilight Hawkers Market held every Friday night over the summer months.
Perth can be an expensive city to stay in but if you book ahead and avoid peak periods then there are bargains to be had. Perth also has some great hostels which can be an absolute bargain.
So don’t be out off by Perth’s reputation. Plan ahead and you can have a great trip for a very reasonable budget.